There are several organizations in GearHead that the PC (player character) may join. They may give the PC equipment, money and training, as well as offer them regular work by emailing mission opportunities to your character. In order to join a faction your character will need traits appropriate to the faction and the faction recruiter will need to have a good opinion of your character. Head to the appropriate Recruitment location and speak to the NPC mentioned in the faction specific text to ask to join. For specific requirements, see Guides#Spoilers_.26_Cheating.

As your character performs missions for their faction and raises skills the faction values they will earn promotions. Each promotion will be accompanied by some XP and some kind of reward, usually cash, equipment or a mecha. If you don't meet certain requirements, however, you'll get a pittance of cash instead of what you might otherwise get at that rank. The factions don't really mind what your character does with their promotion rewards, so feel free to sell off any equipment you don't want, or strip a mecha for parts to use in other mecha.

Often various members of a faction the PC has joined will become allies of the PC, showing up at random to assist with various missions. Very few of these individuals will be available to directly join your character's lance.

Along with missions and promotions each faction will offer your character opportunities to train in the skills the faction values. Speak to the faction trainer and pony up some dough for an opportunity to increase skills.

Be aware that if you bungle too many missions, run missions for your faction's enemies or otherwise make yourself unwelcome you may be fired. This could lead to reputation loss, being unable to enter locations that faction controls, and general feelings of embarassment.

Not every faction is open to the PC.

List of FactionsEdit

GearHead 1 FactionsEdit

Faction Primary City PC Can Join
Federation Council Governs 8 cities No
Solar Navy Namok Yes
Federation Defense Force Wujung Yes
Guardians Snake Lake City Yes
Kettel Industries Gyori Yes
BioCorp Last Hope Yes
RegEx Corporation Snake Lake City Yes
Hwang-Sa Temple Hwang-Sa Temple Yes
Thieves Guild Ipshil Yes
Aegis Overlord Luna Consulate in Pirate's Point No
Clan Ironwind Ironwind Fortress No
Bone Devil Gang Kist No

GearHead 2 FactionsEdit

Faction Specific Equipment and Colors in Gearhead 2Edit

NPC's from each faction will only use mecha appropriate to it. Some mecha are marked as general; any faction can use these. For regular grunts no preference is given between general mecha and faction-specific mecha, but major NPCs will prefer to pilot faction-specific models.

Most mecha will be marked with one or more government factions. These mecha will be available in regular mecha shops in cities controlled by that faction. Mecha which don't have a government faction association will only be available from special faction-specific mecha shops. Military, Criminal, and Police factions typically restrict shops to their members, while Corporate and Mercenary factions (plus the Pro Duelist League) have publicly available shops.

Mecha used by a faction will appear in that faction's colors. It doesn't matter if the mecha is faction-specific or general; the color will match the pilot's faction. Mecha available in stores will come pre-painted according to the preference of the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper is a member of a faction, the preferred color scheme will likely be the faction one, otherwise it will be one of five other schemes set (including one identical to the player starting one).

Here are the color schemes currently being used by the GH2 factions:

Gh2 colorguide

Factions also have a uniform color which gets used by their members.

Sortable Color Lists for Gearhead 2Edit

Some of the players using the SDL (graphical interface) version of GH2 prefer to change their personal mecha color scheme (and/or their clothing) to match the color schemes used by the faction they joined. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the colors that factions use do not have exact equivalents available as player choices. However, one could use the lists below and compare them with the lists on the sdl_colors reference page to quickly identify approximations. Alternatively, one could use the latter to modify their sdl_colors.txt file (in their GameData folder) to add these colors.

GH2 Mecha Color Schemes by Faction (Sortable: Click on Hourglass)
Faction Name Main Color Complement Color Highlight Color
Aegis Overlord <122 130 130> <230 020 130> <200 200 000>
Aegis Space Force <122 130 130> <230 020 130> <200 200 000>
Blades of Crihna <168 153 230> <078 150 137> <200 000 000>
Bohemian Collective <049 091 141> <208 034 051> <150 220 220>
Comet Metalworks <075 200 212> <234 180 088> <200 000 100>
Free Commerce States <244 216 028> <116 100 013> <152 061 097>
Hoeller Industries <172 225 175> <077 093 083> <250 100 000>
L5Law <070 070 085> <075 200 212> <200 200 000>
L5 Alliance <075 200 212> <049 091 141> <200 000 000>
MUGL Enterprises <255 105 180> <255 253 208> <000 240 240>
Privateer Guild <000 049 083> <080 080 085> <200 100 000>
Pro Duelist Association <201 205 229> <208 034 051> <000 200 000>
Red Mask Raiders <103 003 045> <056 026 081> <000 200 080>
Rishiri Dominion <122 130 130> <244 216 028> <200 200 000>
Rocket Stars <153 017 153> <230 020 130> <75 200 212>
Silver Knights <075 200 212> <201 205 229> <200 100 000>
GH2 Faction Uniform Colors (Sortable)
Faction Name Uniform Color
Aegis Overlord Not Specified
Aegis Space Force Not Specified
Blades of Crihna <130 050 020>
Bohemian Collective <144 166 195>
Comet Metalworks <234 180 088>
Free Commerce States <239 198 058>
Hoeller Industries <170 100 240>
L5Law <030 030 090>
L5 Alliance <075 200 212>
MUGL Enterprises <200 064 096>
Privateer Guild <020 090 130>
Pro Duelist Association Not Specified
Red Mask Raiders <150 010 050>
Rishiri Dominion Not Specified
Rocket Stars <153 017 153>
Silver Knights <150 205 229>

Color List for Gearhead 1Edit

The official releases of GH1 do not feature separate color schemes for factions. (Although, a fan-made variant or mod with faction color schemes is being worked on.) That feature was first introduced in GH2. What GH1 does have are color schemes for the player's team (lancemates), enemies, allies, and neutral parties. The Talk:Development:Reference:sdl colors page has details and a sortable color chart to show what those color schemes look like.