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GearHead and GearHead 2 are two futuristic roguelike games, created by Joseph Hewitt. GearHead 1 is the first roguelike to explore the world of "mecha" (giant robots). Lots of futuristic jobs and skills (mecha pilot, medic, etc.) are available, as well as piloting those mecha. A sequel, creatively named GearHead 2, is in the making.

About this wiki Edit

Welcome to the recreation of the GearHead Wiki! Feel free to register and submit content. All kinds of GearHead related information/materials are welcome. The GearHead Wiki is administrated by Veryinky and was originally administered by Kornel Kisielewicz with sysops named Burzmali and Erathoniel. Much information was lost when the old wiki hosted on chaosforge died.

Topics Edit

  • Mecha, NPCs & Creatures — descriptions of the various mecha, NPC classes and monsters in the game
  • Equipment & Props — descriptions of both mecha and player equipment, as well as special items
  • Effects & Terrain — special effects and terrain types
  • Stats & Skills — descriptions of the stats and skills used in the game
  • Talents, Traits & Careers — descriptions of the Talents, Traits & Careers available in the game
  • People, Places & Factions — descriptions and informations on people and places in the GH universe
  • History — information on the GearHead timeline
  • Development — information on GH1 and GH2 development
  • Guides — strategy tips and tricks, game mechanics, plot spoilers

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