The Modern WorldEdit

GearHead Universe TimelineEdit

41PZ Aegis Dome is established by Pax Europa on the moon.
24PZ The Claymore mecha becomes the first mass-produced battroid.
23PZ The SAN-X1 Buru Buru is manufactured for the first time.
0PZ Somewhere in the Western Pacific the Imperator Zeta biomonster Ladon is disabled by Pax Europa Argoseyer "V".
1NT The Earth is devastated by the Night of Fire; this marks the end of the Age of Superpowers.
17NT Maquise Spinner is founded by refugees fleeing Earth.
36NT The Venus terraforming project is begun by refugees from Earth.
40NT A spaceport is established in Namok, leading many people to return to Earth
49NT Elijah Kettel I is born.
68NT Kettel Industries is founded by Elijah Kettel I in Gyori.
70NT The Federated Territories of Earth is formed.
78NT Turing is born.
87NT Elijah Kettel II is born.
92NT Kaema is born.
96NT The Vadel battroid is introduced.
99NT RegEx Corporation is founded.
102NT Omega 1004 attains sentience.
111NT Mullins is born.
112NT The Zerosaiko battroid is introduced.
125NT Elisha Kettel is born.
128NT Miaga is born.
131NT Hyolee is born.
133NT Crihna Rock is destroyed.
134NT The L5 Alliance and the Rishiri Dominion split from the Free Commerce States.
141NT The town of Nara is destroyed by Hunter-X biomonsters.
142NT BioCorp splits from Kettel Industries to become an independent company.
151NT Elisha Kettel takes over as president of Kettel Industries following the death of her father Elijah Kettel II.
155NT Tycho Madang is destroyed by Aegis Overlord, starting the Unification War. Civilian casulties are thought to be in the millions.
157NT Time of GearHead 1, The Typhon Incident.
162NT Time of GearHead 2.