PC Edit

PC or Player Character is a generic role-playing game term that refers to an in-game character that is controlled by a person playing the game.

In GearHead 1 Edit

In GearHead 1, the PC begins his or her adventure in the town of Hogye. The PCs backstory is chosen randomly which results in a semi-unique personal quest, but the story eventually converges to the main plot. Once a PC completes the main plot, the game saves a copy of their current stats for use as an NPC for other PCs to interact with, while the current PC many continue to explore the GearHead Universe.

As a part of resolving his or her personal quest and the main plot, the PC will be introduced to the game's antagonist, an NPCs who's identity changes from game to game.

In GearHead 2 Edit

The PC is generated in a similar way to the first game. The PC comes from a Spinner or asteroid mining colony, either chosen by the player in Advanced Mode or randomly chosen in Basic Mode, and the PC starts the game in their home there. Family members mentioned in your background appear in the Home building too. PCs can also start the game as a member of one of the game's factions. The game story revolves around an antagonist NPC character. The events of the story are randomly generated, with some player input helping to determine the course.