General Attributes Edit

These attributes are shared by most types of objects -- including mecha, weapons and armor.

Character Attributes Edit

Attributes are the basis for your character; each one is related to several skills, and your ability to use those skills is linked back to each appropriate governing attribute. The attributes are:

Status Points Edit

There are also several attributes that are a reflection of the character's/item's other attributes, as well as certain skills. They all can change over time as they are expended or recovered, and so are displayed in a two number 'current / maximum' format.

Status Effects Edit

See Effects#Status_Effects.

Personal Condition Edit

Derived Stats Edit

These stats are determined as a result of calculations involving other stats and aren't directly editable.

Weapon Attributes Edit

Weapon Damage Effects Edit

See Effects#Damage_Effects.

Ammunition Attributes Edit

Armor Attributes Edit

Mecha Attributes Edit

Mecha Module Attributes Edit

Cyberware Attributes Edit